There are many reasons that cause seeds not germinating such as: insufficient moisture, lack of oxygen (e.g. seeds fully submerged in water), over exposure to sunlight, too high/low temperature, seed quality or pests. And each species has its own characteristic and therefore ideal germination conditions vary. Our checklist goes: moist growing media, air, warm temperature, and avoid sunlight in general. If you check on all these and are still unsure, feel free to contact us at cs@grow-green.com

Using a Seed Starter can help to improve germination. Seed starter is designed as an incubator to provide a stable environment and therefore enhance germination for different types of seed. In addition, it can help to shorten the overall planting time in the actual planting environment.

Definitely! Seeds are living things, but in a dormant state. They are better kept in a cool, dark and dry place when you are not planting them yet. Our recommendation: Store in a dry, cool place between 8°-15°C (45°-59°F), away from light.


  • You can start harvesting basil by picking leaves after your plants have at least 6 sets of leaves (about 6-8 inch tall). Pick leaves or pinch at a node. Each cutting will help the plant branch out more.
  • If your tomato plants are not ripening on the vine, you can try removing old leaves from the stem or adjusting watering. Too much watering during ripening will delay ripening of the fruits. In addition, temperatures also affect tomato growth: temperatures above 85F or below 50F will affect tomato growth and ripening.


  • In your garden, bugs typically coexist and live with plants without harming them. Some, even help pollination. On indoor plants, bugs are a common and a more serious problem. They can enter places in various ways; through a windows, on clothes and even on other plants.
  • To minimize the chances of infestation, keep checking your plants regularly and remove infested leaves if you see any.
  • If you have an aspara, keep your aspara clean. For cleaning advice please check cleaning tips on our website https://www.grow-green.com/clean-and-sanitise-your-device/. For any concerns, feel free to contact our customer service cs@grow-green.com for further assistance.
  • Fruit flies and more often flies similar to them, called fungus gnats, are very common, especially on indoor plants grown with soil. As they feed on decaying organic matter in dump soil.
  • To minimize the chance of infestation have a regular watering schedule that does not leave the soil too moist and remove dead plant parts regularly. Pruning plants regularly and reducing humidity also helps. If flies appear monitor and control their numbers by setting sticky yellow traps.
  • Hydroponics growing reduces the possibility of infestation as there is no soil.


  • If you are using a DIY hydroponic system, a way to avoid smell is to: use an air pump, change water weekly and use sterilized water.
  • Using mineral instead of organic fertilizer reduces the possibility of bacterial growth in the roots of your plants.
  • You can consider using a smart grower with automatic water circulation. Find yours at www.grow-green.com
  • Hydroponic plants completely depend on nutrition you provide them. If your hydroponic plants are wilting it is probably due to improper balance in nutrition or lack of certain minerals.
  • When using aspara, the smart sensor will detect a lack of nutrition and alert your through an app and the problem will not happen.
  • In theory hydroponic plants should grow faster than plants grown in soil. Plant growth is, however, also affected by the lights, oxygen availability in water and water pH as well as the temperature. If your plants are growing too slow, check these factors.


  • Plants can die for various reasons such as: overwatering, underwatering, improper nutrition, pests, insufficient light or poor soil quality.
  • Our checklist goes: regular watering and feeding schedule, light exposure and pest check. If you check on all these and are still unsure, feel free to contact us at cs@grow-green.com
  • Brown leaf tips on plants are most often a consequence of improper nutrition.
  • If the leaves are more than 50% damaged, cut them off. You can also cut the oldest leaves.
  • Plants’ leaves typically turn yellow when plants are overwatered or underwatered.
  • To improve this, maintain a regular watering schedule or make sure your hydroponics have a constant water level.
  • When planting in the aspara Smart Grower, the built-in smart sensor will notify you when your plants need water and you will receive notification through an app on your smartphone too.
  • Brown spots usually appear with improper watering.
  • To fix the underwatering and/or overwatering, set a regular watering schedule. Removing old, soft and discolored leaves can help as well.
  • Curling of the leaves is usually plants’ response to extreme drought or heat.
  • Make sure you water your plants and keep them in well aerated space. Once curled leaves, usually do not uncurl, but if conditions are improved the new leaves will not curl.
  • A variety of factors affects plant growth. For plants grown in soil, the availability of water is often the main factor.
  • Check if the soil you grow your plants in is moist enough. In addition, plants grown in soil often outgrow the pots they have been initially grown in. If the roots of your plant are growing at the surface or through the drainage hole, it is time for a bigger pot.
  • Herbs originating from different places around the world have different growth requirements. Mediterranean herbs such as oregano, rosemary and lavender require full sunlight whereas for mint, thyme, coriander or tarragon full sun and hot weather is not so favorable. Overwatering also often affects the way herbs grow.
  • Maintain a regular watering schedule and adjust nutrition. For herbs grown in aspara Smart Grower, it is so easy because aspara will alert you about your plants’ needs.
  • Flowering in lettuce also known as Bolting happens when the plants shift from leafy growth into flower production stage. This can be caused naturally, by aging or in the summer, while in indoor planting it is very often caused by a variety of factors such as high temperatures, too long daylight hours or too much artificial light, inadequate moisture, underwatering or drought.
  • To delay flowering make sure your lettuce is properly watered and not exposed to direct sunlight, especially if you live in an area with hot summers.
  • Long stems, or stem elongation are typical symptoms of insufficient lightning.
  • Try moving your plants to a place with better light exposure or adding artificial LED lights.
  • You can consider using a aspara smart grower where has specific plant programs and provides suitable lights for your plants.
  • Most of hydroponically grown plants need higher potassium in order to grow fruit. Adjust potassium levels during flowering stages.
  • If your plants are bearing fruits, but they are small and deformed, this could be a pollination issue. Indoor plants are often not exposed to pollinator insects such as bees so they may need your help with pollination. If you need help with pollination, check this out https://www.grow-green.com/pollinate-flowers/ or you can contact our customer service via cs@grow-green.com
  • Mold and fungus is very common on plants, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Fortunately it can easily be prevented or relieved by reducing and controlling humidity, providing proper lightning and aeration and tool disinfection.
  • Mold and fungus is more common in plants grown in soil due to the ability of fungal spores to survive dormant in soil. To prevent this, use good quality soils from sealed packages or try hydroponic growing.


  1. Put the cabinet bottom on a steady and even surface.
  2. ​Insert the side panel into the cabinet bottom. May need to press the buttons while inserting.
  3. Put the bottom connecting wires through the pillar and make sure the end of wires comes out from top of the pillar.
  4. Align the pillar with the arrow marking at the bottom. Then insert the pillar into the cabinet bottom. DO NOT turn the pillar.
  5. Connect the top connecting wires and the bottom connecting wires, turn to lock. You may put the end of the top cabinet without connecting wire on bottom cabinet for easy installation. Ensure the colors are matched.
  6. Insert the cabinet top to the side panel. May need to press the buttons while inserting.
  7. Attach the cabinet top to the pillar.
  8. Turn the pillar to lock it in place.
  9. Assembly finished. Continue with Setup below.

Setup Guide: Assemble aspara Nature+ Smart Grower

Setup Guide: Assemble aspara Stylist Lite Smart Grower Setup Guide: USB cable connecting for aspara Stylist Lite
  1. Connect the power cord to the power adaptor. Plug into aspara first then the power outlet.
  2. Insert the sensing probe into the water tank.
  3. Fill the tank to ‘max’ mark with tap water (if the tap water in your area is hard water, use distilled water).
  4. Add 1 pack of nutrients into water in the tank. The nutrient packs can be found inside aspara seed kit.
  5. Insert the tank into the cabinet on the stand (the front part of the tank should be inline with the stand). Use both hands when insert. The light will be on and the control panel will show 'Water tank connected' when properly inserted.
    • For aspara Nature+, make sure the tank lock (Red circle) comes out after tank inserted. (And you will need to press the tank release button (arrow) to release the tank after locked.)
  6. Insert seed capsules according to seed kit setup.
  7. Place a germination dome over each seed capsules to keep seeds moist during germination.
  8. Cover all capsules with the germination domes. You will need to remove them when you see sprouts growing in a few days or a week time (with 2 leaves appear or 1cm high).
  9. Cover any empty holes with a grow hole cover.
  10. Make sure all holes are covered to avoid bugs.
  11. Slide the grow tray into the cabinet and push the grow tray in firmly. When properly inserted, the light will be on and the control panel will show 'Grow tray connected'.
  12. Press any button to start planting online or offline. See How to connect for connection details.
  13. Add more water after water running finished to make sure your grower is fully filled with water.

Setup Guide: How to set up the smart grower

Setup Guide: Start planting with offline mode

Select ‘Harvest’ in control panel.

When you have planted over 60 days, we would recommend to replace all water in tank and grow tray with fresh water.

Please visit our blog for more details.

You can shift from offline to online mode only after planting program ended. See How to Connect to go online.

When going from online to offline mode, pin the “Reset” button and make your choice again. If you reset during planting mode, you will not be able to continue with your current planting data.

The appliance should be cleaned with hands and aspara cleaning function between each growing session or if it has not been used for a while. Make sure planting program is ended (finish planting) before cleaning.

Please visit our blog for more details.

  • Make sure the plug to the power cord is plugged into an outlet and to the aspara.
  • Reset your aspara to factory setting by gently inserting a pin/straightened paperclip to the reset pinhole.

    aspara® Nature
    V2 Reset
    aspara® Nature+
  • You can only adjust the lights when planting program has started.
  • Start planting program by selecting “Yes” when “Start Planting?” is displayed on display screen or by selecting 'Plant' in my veg page after you have added your aspara in the aspara app (See App FAQs for more details on linking aspara to app).
  • Light can be changed (from auto to white or dim light or off) by using control panel. Precise intensity adjustment can only be done in the app.
  • aspara® has room for 16 seed capsules, you can grow up to 16 plants each time.
  • To help your plants grow healthy and strong, we suggest the maximum number of seed capsules to be planted in 1 time:
    Salad vegetables (e.g. kale, rocket): 8 capsules
    Herbs: 12-16 capsules
    Tomatoes: 4 capsules
    Radishes: 8-12 capsules
    Flowers: 12-16 capsules

aspara smart grower operates within a range of 100-240V (50-60Hz).

Please contact your nearest authorised service centre or email us at cs@grow-green.com

  • aspara smart grower circulates water so that your plants can keep growing even when you are on holiday. We would recommend you to fill up the water tank and switch the planting speed to “Slow” when you are away. You can see the planting speed selection in control panel of your aspara in your app, unselect auto growing mode, the planting speed will then be available for selection when your plant is in growth mode. You can switch back to auto growing after your holiday.
  • You can monitor and track the plant conditions instantly using the aspara app on your mobile device during your holiday.
  • Program A, B and C are the pre-set planting programs available only when aspara is not paired with the app.
  • If using the control panel, select program A/B/C according to the instructions on the seed kit box (you may need to extend the germination stage manually if your seeds have a longer germination period).
  • If the program code is not indicated on the box, or if you are planting with Experimental Kits, we recommend selecting Program A for leafy greens, Program B for herbs, and Program C for fruits or edible flowers. This will ensure that each type of plant receives the specific care it needs for optimal results.
  • More planting programs are available in the aspara app. When you are using the app, aspara smart grower will apply the specific program automatically according to the selected plant type.


Please visit our product page to find the corresponding seed kit. The seed kit setup procedure was at the bottom of the page.

  • Selected aspara seed kits are non-GMO and/or organic.
  • We have different seeds supplied to different countries, for details, see label on your seed kit packing.
  • Our seed capsules are 100% biodegradable.
  • The basket is made of a plant polymer called PLA (polylactic acid), which is biodegradable and less harmful to the environment than traditional plastics.
  • The time it takes for different seeds to germinate may vary.
  • You can extend the germination stage using the aspara app or the control panel manually.
  • If the seed capsules do not germinate within 3 weeks of planting and yet are within their use by date, please keep the grow basket, grow media and contact our Customer Support. You may need to provide the photo of the back of your original seed kit box and your purchase proof to an authorised aspara service centre. We will compensate your non-germinated seed capsule with a pack of seed (type depends on stock) or something of similar value (e.g. coupon).
  • You can. However, we would recommend using aspara seed capsules as we have developed unique planting programs for our selected seeds.
  • Also, we will have no guarantee on your germination and planting if you are using your own seeds. We are continue to develop different kind of seed perfect with aspara, you are welcomed to share your thought via our social media pages. Or you can also email us at cs@grow-green.com.
  • Program A, B and C are the pre-set planting programs available only when aspara is not paired with the app.
  • If using the control panel, select program A/B/C according to the instructions on the seed kit box (you may need to extend the germination stage manually if your seeds have a longer germination period).
  • If the program code is not indicated on the box, or if you are planting with Experimental Kits, we recommend selecting Program A for leafy greens, Program B for herbs, and Program C for fruits or edible flowers. This will ensure that each type of plant receives the specific care it needs for optimal results.
  • More planting programs are available in the aspara app. When you are using the app, aspara smart grower will apply the specific program automatically according to the selected plant type.
  • Place an order via our e-shop or through your local authorised stores.
  • Please check if any notifications have been ignored.
  • We would suggest you to connect aspara to the aspara app to monitor the plant conditions.
  • It depends on the type of plants, green lettuce takes around 28 days to be fully grown.
  • You can check your planting status in the aspara app.
  • You can refer to the suggested harvest time shown in app or website.
  • Most bugs and flies are attracted to open water sources. aspara smart grower is a concealed hydroponic system with no water exposed. So, please don’t worry about insects!
  • If you are growing fruit or root plants (e.g. tomato, radish), we would suggest you to harvest on time. Rotten fruits on plant or grow tray may attract insects.
  • Please add nutrients according to the instructions.
  • We would recommend using our nutrients for the best plant growth.
  • If it is not your first time planting, try washing all your aspara removable parts (grow tray and tank all parts). We will recommend you to clean your aspara and replace all the water after your each planting to make sure your system is clean so that your plants of next planting will not be affected.
  • We would recommend pruning which promotes larger harvests.
  • Pinch off sprouts and branches start to grow off of the central stem, and (with) leaves that look dry or dead. These little sprouts and branches will rob the plant of nutrients. Pinching them off makes sure your growing cherry tomato plants will continue to flourish. You will need the pruning when the stems are around 15-20cm (6-8in) tall. Pinch off stems higher than 15-20cm (6-8in) to make sure the plant is not too tall. Plant too tall will burn and you may also burn your grower!
  • Increases the amount of nutrients can improve fruit productions.


  • Place your smart grower in an area with WiFi coverage, then:
    1. Log in
  • Sign up by pressing the “Sign Up” button, fill in your information and verify your account in the confirmation email (using the device with the aspara app installed); or
  • Follow the instructions and sign in with your Facebook/ Google/ Twitter account
    1. Add device
  • Press the “Add Device” or "+" button at the top right corner
  • Then press the “Set up a new device” button
  • Follow the setup guide to connect your device to your aspara
  • You can simply search “aspara” in the app stores (iOS store or Google Play Store) of your device.
  • aspara app requires iOS 10.0 or later / Android lollipop or later.
  • aspara app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and most of the Android phone. It may not be compatible with some of the Android tablets, you can see the message when you access to the aspara app page in the app stores.
  • aspara app is available to specific regions only. If you cannot download your aspara app, please contact cs@grow-green.com.
  • Yes, you can grow your plants without the aspara app. Simply use the control panel for the offline mode.
  • For the offline mode, you cannot fully control your aspara. You will need to choose your planting program (A, B or C). You can refer to top of the seed kit package for the desired planting program.
  • The planting stage (germination/growth) will change according to the planting program (Range from 3-10 days). You can also manually select the planting stage if you would like to change.
  • Please note you may need to manually extend the germination stage if your plant has not germinated after the germination stage. After your manual selection of planting stage, aspara will not change the stage automatically.

Yes, users can connect to multiple aspara smart growers with one aspara app.

  • Open the aspara app and check if your aspara is shown on the my veg page.
  • If no, press “Add device” on top right corner and connect your aspara to app.
  • If you can find the aspara on app, check if the aspara is disconnected. Maybe your aspara is placed in area with weak wifi signal or your wifi network cannot connect to internet. You can check your aspara control panel and get some hints whether your aspara cannot connect to your wifi or your wifi cannot connect to internet.
  • If you are sure your wifi signal is strong enough and your wifi is connected to internet, try unplug and replug your aspara.
  • You are welcomed to email us at cs@grow-green.com if you have any enquiry.

Please download the aspara app before you get started. There are two ways for other users to connect to the smart grower:

  1. Connect to the Wi-Fi network
    • Connect your phone to the Wi-Fi network that the aspara has already connected to.
    • Click the “Add Device” or "+" button at the top right corner (on the My Veg page).
    • Under "Available", you can find the devices that are currently connected to your internet network.
    • Select the device you would like to link to your app.
    • Click "Subscribe".
      NB: If you cannot find your aspara under "Available" (which may due to the settings of your router), please follow the instructions below (2. Sharing).
  2. Sharing
    • To share your aspara with other users, select the device on the "My Veg" page.
    • Click "Share", then click "Share this Device".
    • You can then send a link to other users.
    • When the users click the link, they will be directed to the aspara app. They will also be asked to confirm the subscription to your device, click "OK" to confirm.

NB: After adding the smart grower to the device list, all users will be able to monitor and control it remotely.

Please check if you have verified your account in the confirmation email (using the device with the aspara app installed).


  • Orders are typically processed for shipment within 2 business days, subject to in-stock availability.
  • Free delivery is available for purchase orders totaling USD55 or above.
  • For purchases of seed kit and/or accessories less than USD55, a fixed delivery cost of USD10 applies.
  • All delivery costs mentioned are applicable to addresses within the US only.
  • Please note we currently do not accept P.O. Box deliveries. If you provide a P.O. Box no. as the shipping address, your order is likely to be returned as undeliverable.
  • Free shipping promotions do not apply to shipping rates to Alaska.
  • All orders placed through our website are subject to acceptance by Growgreen. Growgreen reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order, regardless of the confirmation status, for any reason, and without liability to you or anyone else. If your payment method has already been charged for a canceled order, a refund will be issued by Growgreen.
  • We regret to inform you that we are no longer able to accept orders for shipping to Canada. Please visit amazon.com for your favorite Growgreen products.
  • Once your order is placed, it is promptly forwarded to our fulfillment center for processing. Once orders are sent to the fulfilment center, they cannot be cancelled.
  • We strive for your satisfaction with your purchase. If you would like to initiate a return, please contact us at cs@grow-green.com before proceeding with the return process.
  • If you are unsatisfied with your aspara smart grower, you can send the aspara smart grower to our local collection point within 30 days, no questions asked. We will process the refund you after the smart grower is received. For more information about the local collection point, email us at cs@grow-green.com.
  • Please note that you will be responsible for any return shipping costs. When returning items, please ensure that you arrange and cover the shipping expenses.
  • If you would seek warranty support after 30 days, please seek our customer support at cs@grow-green.com
  • If you are unsatisfied with your seed kit or accessory, you can return it within 30 days. Please send the unopened seed kit or accessory to our local collection point. We will process a refund you after the seed kit or accessory is received. For more information about the local collection point, email us at cs@grow-green.com.
  • Please note that we can only accept returns of unopened seed kit or accessory with providing a specific reason. If you have opened the product (s) and are unsatisfied, please reach out to cs@grow-green.com for further assistance.
  • For seed kit warranty support, please refer to the seed kit instruction included with the seed kit. Details are provided on how to address any warranty-related issues. If you require further assistance, please reach out to cs@grow-green.com.
  • Due to continuing improvements, the actual product may have slight variations from the description provided herein.  Some states may not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the aforementioned limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty provides you specific legal rights, and you may have other legal rights that vary depending on the state you reside in.
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