aspara® Smart Grower Create Additional Values for the Property on ESG


As green living gains popularity, the aspara® Smart Grower stands out as the top choice. Grow fresh vegetables indoors effortlessly with this innovative system. Embrace a greener lifestyle and enjoy the benefits of homegrown produce.

The aspara® Smart Grower not only beautifies the indoor environment, but also promotes the development of a sustainable lifestyle by saving water and reducing carbon emissions. aspara® brings people together to plant together, encouraging interaction and collaboration to create higher environmental, social and governance (ESG) value for properties.

aspara® Indoor Gardening Package

aspara® Smart Grower

  • Possibility of indoor gardening
  • Suitable for use by children, adults and the elderly
  • Save water and reduce carbon emissions
  • The planting process does not contain pesticides, preservatives and additives
aspara® Smart Growers
seed kits

Seed Kits

  • Use environmentally friendly biodegradable planting baskets
  • Contains non-GMO and organic seeds
  • More than 25 varieties, including vegetables, herbs, fruits and edible flowers

aspara® App

  • Remote monitoring and control of plant growth needs
  • Notify users when plants need water and nutrients
  • Enjoy seamless wireless connectivity
  • Support iOS and Android

Benefits of aspara® Smart Grower for Property

For property residents:

  • Beautify the indoor environment: Indoor planting adds a green atmosphere and provides residents with a comfortable and natural living environment
  • Provide a community platform: residents can participate in planting activities, take care of plants together, and share planting experiences, thereby enhancing communication and interaction among community residents
  • Diverse community activities: By participating in planting activities, residents can learn planting skills and environmental awareness, cultivate a sense of shared responsibility for the environment, and form a healthy and sustainable lifestyle
  • Green way of leisure and entertainment: Indoor planting activities allow residents to relax in their busy lives and enjoy the fun and sense of accomplishment of planting

For property:

  • Enhance ESG values: aspara® Smart Grower comply with the principles of sustainable development and help enhance the environmental, social and governance (ESG) value of the property
  • Create a more attractive and comfortable environment: The presence of green plants can improve indoor air quality, increase the presence of natural elements, and bring a harmonious atmosphere to the living environment
  • Enhance the environmental protection and innovative image of the property: The use of aspara® Smart Grower can demonstrate the property owner’s commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development

aspara® Smart Grower has obtained the Hong Kong Product Carbon Footprint Label Certification (PCF Certification) from the Chinese Manufacturers Association, proving its contribution to reducing carbon footprint.

Promoting intergenerational community integration:

  • Intergenerational collaboration: People of different ages participate in planting activities together. Young people, middle-aged people and the elderly can participate in planting and caring for plants together, sharing each other’s knowledge and experience. This breaks down barriers and enhances community cohesion
  • Learn and share with each other: young people can share their understanding and application of technology, and elders can share their experience and knowledge of plant cultivation. This interaction and knowledge exchange promotes mutual learning and growth across generations, creating closer community ties

International Patent and Awards

2nd Asia Exhibition of Inventions Hong Kong - Silver Award

Use Scenarios

Enhance Indoor Spaces with Unique Planting Cabinets

Properties can install planting cabinets in public areas or clubs to provide residents with a convenient and beautiful planting space. This not only beautifies the indoor environment of the property, but also stimulates residents’ interest and participation in green living.

Attractive Clubhouse Activities

The property’s clubhouse can be transformed into an exciting hub of activities by incorporating the aspara® Smart Grower. From engaging planting workshops to flower art exhibitions and cooking competitions, residents are offered a unique platform to acquire valuable planting skills and showcase their planting achievements. These interactive events not only foster a sense of creativity but also facilitate communication and interaction among community residents. By hosting such activities, the property not only provides entertainment and learning opportunities but also strengthens the bonds and community cohesion among its residents.

A Hearty Move-in Gift

The aspara® Smart Grower has a modern and stylish appearance and design, which can perfectly integrate into the living space of new residents, adding a touch of greenery and vitality to their new homes. Whether in the living room, balcony or kitchen, this stylish smart grower brings natural beauty to indoor environments.

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