Elderly Care

Technology-Enhanced Horticultural Activity Supporting the Mental Well-being of the Elderly and Caregivers


The issue of population aging in many places in the world is becoming increasingly severe, leading to a rise in mental health needs among the elderly. Dealing with behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD) in elderly individuals poses significant challenges. Consequently, caregivers are also experiencing escalating work pressures. In the absence of a definitive pharmaceutical cure, what non- pharmacological treatment methods are available to improve this situation?

Through our innovative technology-enhanced horticultural activities, we are dedicated to improving the current situation for the elderly and caregivers by slowing down the progression of degeneration and the impact of BPSD, while providing enhanced mental health support.

Our earlier pilot study in collaboration with the School of Nursing at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University proved that using aspara® smart grower to carry out technological horticultural therapy activities can successfully improve the social relationships and increase positive emotions of patients and their caregivers.

aspara Elderly Care

aspara® Technology-Enhanced Horticultural Activity Solutions

aspara® Smart Grower

  • aspara® Nature
  • aspara® Stylist Lite

Plants can be grown indoors all year round and do not contain pesticides. It has exclusive planting programs for different plant types. It is easy to use and clean.

aspara® Smart Growers
seed kits

Seed Kits

More than 25 varieties, including vegetables, herbs, fruits and edible flowers

Aspara App

The mobile app is used to remotely monitor the planting machine, guide users through the planting guide step by step throughout the planting process, and share the planting results with friends or family.

Technology-Enhanced Indoor Horticultural Activity

By using aspara® Smart Grower for technology-enhanced indoor horticultural activity, the elderly can get closer to the natural environment and promote physical, mental and spiritual health.

Technology-enhanced indoor horticultural activity not only provide a clean planting environment for the elderly, but also improve the success rate of planting. The indoor environment can effectively avoid pests and make the planting experience smoother for the elderly. At the same time, conducting horticultural therapy activities indoors also makes it easier for caregivers to manage and attend to the needs of participating elders.

Technology-enhanced indoor horticultural activities include sowing seeds, watering, pruning plants, watching plants grow, and harvesting plants. In addition to planting, the event also includes other plant-related activities, such as using harvested plants to make dried flower bookmarks, making scented tea or food, etc.

We also welcome elderly centers to work with us to design different activities. If you are interested in knowing more, please contact us at info@grow-green.com.

Technology-Enhanced Indoor Horticultural Activity Use Scenario

For Elderly Centers

  • Making the elderly feel the vitality of life: Through the aspara® Smart Grower, the elderly can immerse themselves in the nostalgic experience of traditional farming. By personally taking care of plants, they can experience the joy and sense of accomplishment that comes from nurturing plants, allowing them to feel vitality and find new goals.
  • Increasing activities in elderly center: Planting workshops and activities such as observing plant growth not only provide entertainment and social opportunities for the elderly. These also help improve their happiness index, cognitive function, and contribute to the improvement of their behavioral and psychological symptoms.
  • Beautifying the environment: Planting can create a lush green environment in the facility, providing a comfortable and pleasant space.

For the Community

  • Promoting community integration: For example, schools and elderly centers can collaborate on gardening activities, creating opportunities for connection between different age groups. This kind of interaction allows the younger generation to witness the vitality and contributions of the elderly, while fostering meaningful communication and the sharing of life experiences.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: By donating aspara® Smart Grower to elderly care facilities, companies can demonstrate their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), enhance their corporate image and community engagement. Through collaboration, businesses can contribute to the quality of life for the elderly and shape a positive brand image. If you are interested in purchasing aspara® Smart Growers for charitable purposes, please contact us at info@grow-green.com.

Hong Kong Government Funding Scheme

The Hong Kong government is very concerned about the aging population in Hong Kong, it will inject an additional $1 billion into the "Innovation and Technology Fund for Application in Elderly and Rehabilitation Care" in 2023 to strengthen subsidies for eligible elderly and rehabilitation service units to purchase, rent and trial technology products.

aspara® products are eligible to apply for the “Innovation and Technology Fund for Application in Elderly and Rehabilitation Care”.

International Patent and Awards

2nd Asia Exhibition of Inventions Hong Kong - Silver Award

PolyU School of Nursing: Utilization of technology-enabled horticulture intervention for supporting older people with cognitive problems and their family caregivers

(Collaborative research partners: HKYWCA & Growgreen Limited)

Advantages of aspara® Technology-enhanced horticultural activity

  • Conducts at home, involving both the elderly and caregivers
  • Provides activities that stimulate all five senses (Visual, Auditory, Olfactory, Gustatory, and Tactile)
  • Offers a seamless and successful planting journey for patients
  • Simplifies management and monitoring for nurses and caregivers
  • Assists doctors and researchers in diagnosis, and improves treatment efficacy through digital data tracking of patient progress

aspara® Technology-enhanced horticultural activity can improve the mental well-being of the elderly (especially those with cognitive impairments) and their caregivers.

Research results of aspara® Technology-Enhanced Indoor Horticultural Activity

Research Results – Elderly

  • Increased their cognitive functions
  • Improved their happiness index
  • Decreased Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms (BPSD)

Research Results – Caregivers

  • Improved their happiness index
  • Reduced their work stress
  • Reduced their depressive symptoms
  • Decreased their stress level brought by BPSD

A TV program on RTHK about aspara® Technology-Enhanced Indoor Horticultural Activity

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